what to do when you don’t know what to do

This past month has been rough. Work has been harder, school has ended and begun again, the weather got warmer and then colder.

I’ve really been referencing the more/less concept I posted about earlier. I’ve had success in maintaining positives thoughts, despite doing nothing extraordinary,  I’ve been outside more (long walks with the pup!) and have garden plans next week. I’ve been cooking for myself more and more. In fact, I made this beef stew over the weekend in my new dutch oven. It was INCREDIBLE.

I’ve failed at less binge-watching TV. Big time. I’m currently on a Lie To Me bender, which is after I soared through The Good Wife & Bosch (on Amazon).

I finally have a break on the horizon next week. I’m trying to find that balance between packing my days full vs. getting so overwhelmed that I do nothing. How do you balance your time between work and play?


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