how to center art on a wall

Hanging art is annoying. There, I said it. In a fit of vitamin-D induced excitement, I finally got my act together and hung to pieces of art I’ve had sitting around forever. This is ridiculous, because I LOVE these two pieces, and they’re made to be hung together.

I had a section of wall space that was perfect for these two pieces, but I knew I would need them evenly spaced. I still use a calculator for everything, so I put off this project, thinking it was time-consuming.


SO EASY. You’ll need two measurements: the width of your wall space, and the width of your frames.

First, you’ll subtract the total width of your frames from the width of your wall. In my case, my wall space was 47 inches wide, and my frames were 13 inches wide. So, 13×2, subtracted from 47. I was left with 21 inches.

Second, you’ll take your remaining inches and divide it by your number of frames plus 1 (so 3, for me). This left me with 7 inches.

Knowing this, I measured in 7 inches from each end of each wall, and indicated where my frames would start, once hung. I then divided the width of my frames in half, to indicate the center point of the frame, where the nail would hang (13 divided by 2 = 6.5 inches). I marked that spot with a pen, and then did the same on the opposite side of the wall.

The hardest part was getting both marks to be level. A large level will make this easy.  A small pocket sized level (or your smart phone) will require a large straight piece of something (cookie sheet?) that spans the width of both marks. Make sure they’re even and make sure you take in to consideration where the nail will actually hit the picture frame. My frames have an inside lip on the back of the frame of about half an inch.

And always, photos are to be hung eye level! Don’t hang anything a foot from the ceiling. That’s just silly.

Final step: stand back and take multiple photos of your work so you can plaster them all over social media, and show off your DIY warrior skills. The moral of this story is stop putting things off because once you finally do them, you’ll kick yourself for not doing it sooner.


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