more // less

When winter ends, and spring is on the horizon, I tend to do a mental spring cleaning. I seem to adopt poor habits when the weather is cold and dark. Spring is always a bright spot on the horizon. This year I want to approach both spring and the new year in a new way. That means less poor habits and more living.

more //

-sunshine, get outside!
-fresh food, treat food as fuel, not comfort.
– positive thoughts, recognize one positive thing each day. keep your mind upbeat.

less //

– sweatpants, they’re crazy comfortable and all but let’s start putting forth some effort.
– binge-watching tv, this goes along with getting outside. so easy in winter to watch the entire netflix catalog.
– assumptions, we both know it makes an ass out of you and me, so stop jumping to conclusions about everything. let it happen and then decide how you feel.


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